Irregular plural nouns

Irregular plural nouns

I can use regular and irregular plural nouns.

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Irregular plural nouns

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In this lesson, students will learn rules for irregular plural nouns, including changing f to v and add es to words ending in -f, change f to v and add an s to words ending in -fe, and adding es to words ending in -o. They will practice identifying these spelling patterns with several activities and apply them to their writing.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use regular and irregular plural nouns.


Students will review and name examples of nouns. They will also discuss how nouns can be singular or plural. They will be introduced to irregular plural nouns.


Explain three rules for forming irregular plural nouns, including "change the f to a v and add es." For example, "loaf" would be "loaves." Students will think of words that follow these patterns. They will also discuss some nouns that have no rules for making them plural, such as "goose" and "child."

Students will sort words into "irregular plural nouns" or "plural nouns." They will look at sets of singular and plural nouns and match them with images. They will also read several sentences and choose the correct plural nouns to complete them. They will then read sentences and determine whether each irregular plural noun is spelled correctly.


Review irregular plural nouns with 10 multiple-choice questions.


Students will work in pairs to choose six irregular plural nouns to draw and label. They will then share their work with the class.

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