Introduction to natural resources

Introduction to natural resources

I can tell the difference between natural and man-made resources.

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Introduction to natural resources

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In this lesson, students will learn all about natural resources and man-made resources. They will learn what natural resources are and be shown the difference between natural and man-made resources. Students will be given several sorting activities to differentiate between the two.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify and describe natural resources and man-made objects and differentiate between the two.


The lesson begins by explaining what natural resources are. Explain that natural resources come from nature. Share several examples like rain, wind, water, and trees.


Students complete a word search and brainstorm a list of natural resources. Next, students learn what man-made resources are and are shown several examples like clothing, electronics, paper, and prepared foods like cake. To check understanding, students then drag a checkmark next to all man-made objects and brainstorm a list of man-made resources they can think of. Throughout the lesson, students continue to drag to identify natural and man-made resources.


Check students' understanding by having them respond to ten multiple-choice questions. Students look at pictures and click on all of the natural resources or man-made resources.


To conclude, students review what they learned. Ask students to explain the difference between natural and man-made resources. Then they will imagine going on a nature walk and write down all the natural and man-made resources they see. If it is possible, take your students on a nature walk for this activity, or a walk around the school/playground.

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