Introduction to multiplication with decimals

Introduction to multiplication with decimals

I will practice multiplying with decimal numbers.

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Introduction to multiplication with decimals

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This lesson introduces the concept of multiplying decimal numbers and will start with whole numbers (one-digit) multiplied by decimal numbers (with tenths). Students will learn two different strategies to solve these problems. They will be encouraged to talk through their process and reflect on how it went.



Learning objective

Students will be able to multiply with decimal numbers.


Students will be split into two teams and compete to see who can answer multiplication problems the fastest. Multiplying with decimal numbers is an important skill so students could, for example, figure out the distance they've biked.


The lesson will model how to multiply 3 × 2.7. It shows two different ways to arrive at the correct answer. Then, students will practice multiplying one-digit numbers whole numbers by decimal numbers with tenths (e.g., 2 × 4.2). They will complete two word problems and talk through their process while solving.


Students will complete 9 decimal multiplication questions.


Students will be presented with decimal multiplication equations and will check the provided answers.

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