Introduction to mental health (3-5)

Introduction to mental health (3-5)

I can understand mental health.

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Introduction to mental health (3-5)

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Mental health can be hard to discuss because it refers mostly to abstract concepts, such as our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and imagination. Caring for our mental health is not always as straightforward, as, say, brushing your teeth. But when we take steps to care for our mental health, we find that we:

- Feel peaceful
- Can label our emotions
- Are able to express our emotions to others
- Can cope with overwhelming emotions
- Can control our behaviors

This lesson will explore ways in which we can actively care for our mental health.

Learning Objective

When this lesson is complete, students will understand the concept of mental health and distinguish it from physical health. They will also learn strategies to cope with anxiety, sadness, anger, and other stressors.


What does it mean to you to be healthy?


Ask students to reflect on these questions at the end of the lesson:

- Why is mental health important?
- How do you feel about discussing your thoughts and emotions with friends and family?
- What are some ways that we can take care of our mental health?

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