Introduce topic, opinion, and list reasons

Introduce topic, opinion, and list reasons

I can organize and write opinion pieces by including the topic, opinion, and...

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Introduce topic, opinion, and list reasons

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In this lesson, students will learn the different parts of opinion writing. They will identify those parts and practice using them correctly in their own writing.

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to organize their opinion writing by including a clear topic, opinion, and a list of strong reasons to support their opinion.


At the start of the lesson, students will share their opinions by responding to specific words which include, "puppies," "thunderstorms," "roller coasters," and "spinach," and sharing with a partner. They will also participate in a fun "Would you rather..." game, before reviewing the difference between fact and opinion.


Students will learn about different types of opinion writing like advertisements, reviews, and articles. Next, they'll learn the "OREO" strategy. Beginning with the letter "O," students come up with a clear opinion. For "R," they should provide reasons and for "E," they'll provide specific examples. They'll conclude with the letter "O" again in which they will restate the opinion. They will also match opinions with the correct supporting reason. Finally, students practice dragging parts of opinion writing to the correct category ⏤ topic, opinion, and 3 reasons.


Respond to ten questions about opinion writing. Students will be asked to demonstrate understanding of the key concepts taught in the lesson and determine the topic, author's opinion, and author's reason(s) within a given text.


Using the learned OREO method, students will have the opportunity to practice writing their own opinion pieces.

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