Interpret information - Diagrams

Interpret information - Diagrams

I can use diagrams to interpret information in a text.

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Interpret information - Diagrams

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In this lesson, students explain how diagrams help them better understand a passage. They will learn about the parts of a diagram and in the end, they will participate in a fun activity, using a diagram to make origami!

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to interpret information presented visually in diagrams and explain how the information contributes to an understanding of the text in which it appears.


Define the word “diagram” and have students think of where they have seen diagrams before. Examples include textbooks, instruction manuals, and news articles. Discuss what visual aids are and analyze the diagram of the solar system on the board.


Look at the Diagram of the Inner Ear on the board. Are there any new vocabulary words students are unfamiliar with? Go over the parts of a diagram: The title, labels, and caption. Have students look at the diagram. You may choose to have them look up information or work together to label the diagram and give it a title. Next, read the passage and look at the information in the diagram. Scroll down and answer the questions below. After this, look at the diagrams presented and have students write passages to go along with them. They may need to do some research to help. Have students find diagrams in a non-fiction book in the classroom and answer the questions. Finally, students can follow the steps in the diagram to make origami!


Students respond to 10 questions which cover parts of a diagram and ask students to review key concepts.


Students will write a passage explaining a concept. Then a partner will draw a diagram to go along with it.

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