Interpret information - charts/graphs

Interpret information - charts/graphs

I can interpret information in charts and graphs.

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Interpret information - charts/graphs

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Students will learn what charts and graphs are and how to read and interpret information given.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use charts and graphs to read and analyze information.


Students are given context of why charts and graphs might be found in a text.


Students are introduced to different types of graphs and given examples of what they are used for. They are then shown how to interpret graphs and charts. Ask students to determine which information given can be found in the diagram given. Repeat this with the table, pie graph, timeline, bar graph, and diagram. Ask students to review which types of charts and graphs they have just learned.


Students are given ten questions. They are first asked to name the type of chart or graph given. Then they are given a definition of a type of chart of graph and must match the definition to the type of chart or graph.


Repeat the learning goal with the students and discuss why it is important to be able to interpret information using charts and graphs. Then as a class or in pairs, have students spin the wheel and label the type of chart or graph.

Teaching tips

Ask students to find charts or graphs in the things they love (sports statistics, game reviews, movie/tv series scores) and discuss what that adds to the information. If students find the types of charts and graphs confusing, remind students that most of them are very literally named (pie graph = circle, bar graph = bars) and help them link an example to each type.

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