Internal and external character conflicts
Internal and external character conflicts

Internal and external character conflicts

I can describe four types of conflicts in stories.

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Students will be introduced to the four different types of conflict in writing: Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Man, Man vs. Self, and Man vs. Society. Emphasis will be on identifying the type of conflict.



Learning objective

Students will be able to describe four types of conflicts in stories.


First, this lesson will use students' prior knowledge to find out what they know about the different types of conflicts through class discussion and pictures to help them think of possible conflict themes.


There will introductions on the four types of conflicts in writing. Then, they'll be asked to recall stories that they have read that relate to specific conflicts. Students will be given examples in the form of images and text of conflicts and choose which type of conflict it is. Students will also be given conflicts and will be asked to infer about the outcome.


Review types of conflict with 10 questions. Students are asked to identify the type of conflict given and to match a type of conflict to a given scenario.


Students will recall what they learned about conflicts. Then they will spin the wheel and tell which conflict it is.

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