Intensive pronouns

I can use intensive pronouns to add emphasis.

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Intensive pronouns

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Intensive pronouns are pronouns that we use to add emphasis to a noun or pronoun (the antecedent). Unlike most pronouns, they don't replace the noun, but accompany it to add emphasis.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use intensive pronouns to add emphasis.


Students will review reflexive pronouns by labeling pictures with the correct reflexive pronouns. They will also review how to use them in sentences.


Intensive pronouns help us emphasize nouns or pronouns when we want to draw attention to them. They include singular pronouns, such as "myself," "yourself," "herself," "himself," and "itself." They also include plural pronouns, such as "ourselves," "yourselves," and "themselves." Students will read sentences with intensive pronouns and see how they are used. Next, they will complete sentences with the correct intensive pronouns. They will also discuss the difference between intensive ("The chef himself cooked.") and reflexive ("The chef cooked himself.") Students will read sentences and decide whether each intensive pronoun is placed in the correct place.


Students will review when to use intensive pronouns with 10 questions.


Students will recall what they learned in the lesson. Lastly, they will read a story about Aicha and decide where to replace words with intensive pronouns.

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