Integrate information from two texts
Integrate information from two texts

Integrate information from two texts

I can integrate information from two texts when speaking or writing.

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In this lesson, students will read two text sources for each topic, including pandas and bats. They will use the sources to answer questions.



Learning objective

Students will be able to integrate information from two texts when speaking or writing about a topic.


Students will think about a topic they want to learn more about and share it with a partner. Explain why it is important to read different texts on a topic.


Students will read a passage about panda habitats and a short excerpt about panda diets. They will answer the question, "How are pandas threatened by human behavior?" by integrating information from both texts. Next, they will read a passage about global warming and an excerpt about warming oceans. They will use these two texts to answer the question, "How does global warming impact our planet?"

Students will then read a passage about the brain, titled "What's Inside?" They will discuss the conclusions they can draw about the brain as well as the main idea of the passage. They will read also read a passage titled "How does the Brain Work?" They will answer the same questions as the previous passage. Students will write what they learned from both texts and explain how the brain functions and what it controls.


Students will answer ten questions which ask them to review key information from the lesson and to identify main ideas, conclusions, and synthesize information from given texts.


Students will review what they learned in the lesson by answering these questions:
- Why should good readers read multiple texts on the same topic?
- How do readers integrate information when speaking or writing?

To close out the lesson, students will read two texts about bats and answer the question, "How do bats travel and hunt for their food?"

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