Inherited and acquired traits

Inherited and acquired traits

I can define and identify the inherited and acquired traits of organisms.

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Inherited and acquired traits

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Students will identify things that they are born knowing to do and things that they learn as a way to introduce them to inherited and acquired traits. Inherited and acquired traits are explained and students participate in sorting activities and completing a tally chart of traits for the class!



Learning Objective

Students will be able to distinguish between inherited and acquired traits.


Students will begin by creating a list of traits and behaviors that describe them which they will later share with a partner. Some examples they can share include: Hair color, eye color, things they are good at, hobbies, foods they like, etc.


Introduce inherited and acquired traits, then have students drag the actions to the correct section: “Born knowing” or “Need to learn.” Actions include blinking, reading, and sleeping. Share some more inherited traits like eye color, hair color, and shoe size. Have students share what traits they inherited from their parents. Next, provide examples of acquired traits like speaking a different language and drawing beautiful art. What are some traits your students have acquired? Share with the class. Explain that animals also have inherited and acquired traits and have students match the animal to the correct trait. Students then drag the balloons to reveal whether the written trait is inherited or not.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true or false questions.


As a class, complete a tally chart to see who in the class has different inherited and acquired traits. If the student has that trait, they will drag the checkmark to that column so students can see how they are similar.

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