Informative introduction

Informative introduction

I can explain the parts of an effective introduction and construct my own.

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Informative introduction

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In this lesson, students practice writing the introductions of their informative essays and learn about different hooks. These include a question, an interesting fact, an anecdote, a quote, and a vivid description. They will also practice introducing the topic of the essay in a formal manner, without using personal pronouns.

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to write engaging and effective introductory paragraphs for their informative writing assignments.


Students begin the lesson by reviewing what informative writing is. Then they go over introductions and their purpose. Students will share their prior knowledge by discussing some engaging ways to start an essay that they may already know about.


Students learn about different types of engaging hooks for their introductions and read examples of each. Then, students are given a topic to practice writing their own hooks. After this, students learn that they should also introduce the topic of their essay in the introduction. Introductory paragraphs are modeled and students highlight to identify the hook and the topic before they practice writing their own introductions.


Students respond to ten questions. Students are asked to review knowledge learned during the lesson and also read an introductory paragraph and identify the type of hook and topic.


Students will write an introductory paragraph for an essay about an animal of their choice.

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