Indefinite pronouns

Indefinite pronouns

I can use indefinite pronouns.

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Indefinite pronouns

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In this lesson, students will learn about the indefinite pronouns: "me," "you," "it," "her," "him," "them," "us," and "you," as well as, "all," "each," "both," "either," "many," "some," "few," and "any." They will be shown how to use these pronouns in their speech and writing, as well as the role they play in filling in for unspecified nouns.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use indefinite pronouns.


Students will race their classmates to replace nouns with personal pronouns. Up to six students will be able to participate in this game. Students will also finish the sentence, "The bus drives _." with object pronouns: "me," "you," "it," "her," "him," "them," "us," and "you." Indefinite pronouns are used to fill in for nouns when there is no specific person, place, or thing in mind.


Students will be introduced to indefinite pronouns, words that take the place of nouns without specifically saying who or what they're talking about. Students will look at common indefinite pronouns that replace people, places, and things. They will practice using indefinite pronouns about people, places, and things by replacing nouns in sentences. They will then do an activity for each including writing indefinite pronouns for groups of people, places, and things. Then they will look at indefinite pronouns that don't refer to people, places, or things: "all," "each," "both," "either," "many," "some," "few," and "any."


Review indefinite pronouns with 10 questions.


Students will recall how to decide which indefinite pronoun to use in a sentence. They will then match the indefinite pronouns to the corresponding pictures.

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