Inconsistent spelling-sound correspondences: ea, ie
Inconsistent spelling-sound correspondences: ea, ie

Inconsistent spelling-sound correspondences: ea, ie

I can read words that don't follow the rules, but have common sounds.

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In this lesson, students will learn about words with ea and ie sounds. They will do various activities to help them identify these words and learn patterns to read them.



Learning objective

Students will be able to decode words with ea and ie that do not follow the rules.


Students will start by reviewing the long e sound and then go on to introduce the sounds ea (like in bear), ea (like in leaf), and ie (like in piece).


Students will look at pictures and words that have these sounds and will be introduced to the rules for each sound. Students will then participate in some activities to practice these rules, including matching words with the correct sounds, sorting words into correct categories, matching words with pictures, and filling in the blanks of sentences.


Students will review ea and ie words by identifying those words in 10 sentences.


Students will recall the rules they learned about ea and ie words and play a Spin the Wheel game.

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