Identify US currency and how it is used
Identify US currency and how it is used

Identify US currency and how it is used

I can identify currency and how it is used.

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This lesson will go over what currency is used for and the different kinds of US currency. Students will also learn about relative prices for objects they may want to buy.

Learning objective

Students will be able to identify currency and how it is used.


Students will review goods and services within the school and community. Then they will be introduced to the role that currency plays in acquiring goods and services and why currency is important and how it is used. For example, using money to buy groceries at the supermarket.


Students will identify coins and paper money as forms of currency. Then they complete an activity to understand the various values that coins and paper money can hold. They will discuss with a partner how currency is used to pay for goods and services. Students will act out being a customer or cashier in a classroom store simulation.


Review US currency and its uses with 10 questions.


Students will spin a wheel and then match the place. Then they will provide an example of what they might buy there and how much currency they might need.

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