Identify a problem & discuss possible solutions

Identify a problem & discuss possible solutions

I can identify a problem and discuss possible solutions.

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Identify a problem & discuss possible solutions

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Young students need to understand problems and solutions as it helps them identify problems and solutions in stories they read and deal with issues in their own lives. In this lesson, students match problems to their solutions and brainstorm their own ideas for solving problems.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to distinguish between problem and solution and provide a number of solutions to a presented problem.


Students begin by learning what a problem and solution are. Explain to students that a problem and its solution go together like a puzzle. Students are presented with puzzle pieces each containing a problem or solution, and they must drag the matching puzzle pieces together.


Students learn about problems and solutions, both in real life and in stories. Students are presented with a problem (It was very hot outside!) and a solution (We went for a swim.) and they must decide which is which. Throughout the lesson, students match problems with their appropriate solutions and try to come up with their own solutions for problems like falling and getting hurt. Students also read passages and identify the character’s problem and the solution.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students think about a problem they have encountered in their own lives. How did they solve their problem? Have students write or draw a picture to depict the solutions to their problems.

Teaching tips

When teaching about problems and solutions, students will benefit from visuals like thumbs up and thumbs down. You can also ask students how they would feel and remind them that if something is making them unhappy, it is the problem.

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