How to provide service to the community

How to provide service to the community

I can identify different ways to provide service to my community.

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How to provide service to the community

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In this lesson, students learn about some things they can do to give back to their community. For example, they can donate old clothes and toys or volunteer their time at a soup kitchen or a nursing home. They'll also be presented with some non-examples, like vandalism, littering, and stealing.

Learning objective

Students will be able to explore opportunities to provide service to their communities.


Have students turn and talk to discuss different ways that they can help others. Ask students if anyone would like to share either their experience of helping or their knowledge of ways in which to help others.


Discuss what it means to provide service to the community. It means that you volunteer, or give your time to help others. Give students examples of ways that they can provide service, including volunteering/visiting a nursing home, recycling/picking up garbage, donating to a homeless shelter, volunteering at an animal shelter, donating food or old clothing, and volunteering at a soup kitchen. Be sure to emphasize to the class that the most important thing that they are giving is their time. The great thing is that you don't need to have any money or extra "things" to be able to share your time and skills with the community. Contrast these things with some examples of ways in which people don't give service to the community, like crime, vandalism, and littering. Ask students to drag the given activities to the boxes of "community service" and "not community service." Have the students read the passage and then decide which community service they could provide to help out. Have students turn and talk to their partners. How do they already give service in their community? How would they like to give service in their community?


Students are given a set of true or false questions to check their understanding of key concepts in the lesson. Next they are given a set of multiple-choice questions in which they must determine which actions are community service and which are not.


Discuss the learning goal of identifying how to provide service to the community. Have students spin the wheel and explain why that specific number is an example of providing service to the community.

Teaching tips

It can be important to emphasize in a class that providing service is important, but that it does not make you any better than the person who is receiving the service you are providing. Providing service can be a great way to connect with people in your community and can be a way to share your skills with other people.

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