How to pick a topic

How to pick a topic

I can pick a topic.

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How to pick a topic

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In this lesson, students will learn how to pick a topic to write about. They will start with a big, broad topic and narrow it to a small topic to actually write about.



Learning objective

Students will be able to pick a topic.


Students will discuss with a partner about their favorite things to do with their families. As a class, discuss what a topic is. They will read or listen to a short story and identify the topic. Students will turn and talk about why topics are important.


Explain that there are broad and small topics, such as the broad topic of "school" and the small topic of "my first day of school." Students will sort topics into "Broad or Big Topics" and "Small Topics." Go over the steps to pick a topic: 1) Think about some things you like or know how to do well. 2) Within your broad topic, find a smaller topic. 3) List at least 3 things or ideas you can write about your small topic.


Students are given 10 questions in which they practice recognizing broad and small topics and demonstrate understanding of key concepts from the lesson.


Students will recall what they learned:
- What is a topic?
- Why are topics important?
- What are broad topics and small topics?
- How do you pick a topic?

As an exit ticket, students will read a short text and identify the topic.

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