How to classify objects
How to classify objects

How to classify objects

I can plan an investigation to classify objects based on their observable proper

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In this lesson, students learn the steps needed to classify objects: gather objects, plan, categorize, and finalize. They will practice categorizing rocks by their observable properties in a final group activity.


NGSS: ​​2-PS1-1

Learning objective

Students will be able to plan an investigation to classify objects based on their observable properties.


Students begin by discussing the different types of rocks and food they see and eat. Have them share the colors, shapes, and sizes they see, then list those characteristics. Explain that observing and classifying can help break large categories into smaller groups.


Go over some important vocabulary, including words like “categories,” “classification,” and “properties.” Explain the steps you must go through when classifying objects. First, gather objects. Then, plan by thinking about how to categorize the objects. After this, put the objects into categories, and finally, review and finalize your categories. Students will brainstorm some ways in which they can categorize “food.”


Students respond to multiple-choice questions.


For the final activity, students receive a colored index card. Have students find their classmates with the same color card to join into a group. Each group gets a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Refer back to the observable properties of rocks from earlier and have students classify those rocks.

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