How reasons support the author's points
How reasons support the author's points

How reasons support the author's points

I can describe how reasons support specific points an author makes in a text.

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Students learn to determine how reasons support the author's points in a text. They can find the supporting evidence and what the main points of a text are.



Learning objective

Students will be able to describe how and why authors use reasons to support specific points they make.


As a class, review what an author's point is. Discuss that the author's point is what they say about the main topic or main idea. Does the author want you to learn something, make a point, or make you think? You can come up with examples of text (in the classroom) and try to globally determine the author's point.


Explain that authors use reasons or evidence & details to support their point. Then explain the steps of determining what the reasons are. Start by figuring out what the main point is that the author is making. Then continue and ask what reasons (by way of evidence or details) does the author provide to support that main point? Introduce students to some of the keywords that indicate what the author is telling you to do, think or believe. Words such as "should, need to" or "good or bad." These often indicate a direction in which they want you to think. As a class, read the passage on apples. Practice determining the author's point and some of the reasons the author uses as support by answering the questions. Repeat this process, but read the text initially as a class, but then ask students to determine the point and supporting evidence in pairs.


Students are given ten questions. These questions check their understanding of key concepts in the lesson, ask them to read a short text and determine the main idea or point, and determine some of the evidence or reasons the author gives.


Repeat the main goal of the lesson of being able to describe how reasons support specific points an author makes in a text. Remind students that being able to determine the main point or idea as well as the supporting evidence will make them stronger readers, because they will be able to determine what the author wants and determine if they want to believe, think or do what the author wants them to. To close the lesson, have students select a book in pairs and answer the questions on the interactive whiteboard. If there is time, you can ask students to determine what the author wants them to do, think or believe.

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