How plant structures help them survive and reproduce
How plant structures help them survive and reproduce

How plant structures help them survive and reproduce

I can explain how plants have structures that support their survival.

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In this lesson, your students will review what they know about cells. They will learn about how a plant begins as a seed and germinates into a plant. The class will discuss the parts of a plant and how each structure supports survival and growth. They will finish the lesson with a fun spin-the-wheel activity, explaining how each structure supports survival, growth, and/or reproduction.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain and describe how plants have structures that function to support survival, growth, and reproduction.


Introduce this lesson with a discussion of the students’ own experiences planting seeds. The class takes part in a matching activity as they try to guess which seed grows a specific plant.


The lesson continues as the students recall together by answering “How many parts of a plant can you remember?” The plant’s parts will then be revealed. Explain that all organisms have structures and functions that help them survive, grow, reproduce and behave in a certain way. Introduce the concept of seed germination. Read about and view images showing each stage. Students will then show their understanding by using their own words to describe what happens in each stage of germination. Continue with a discussion of how roots, stems, leaves, and flowers each support the survival and growth of a plant.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Close the lesson with a Spin The Wheel Activity where the students take turns explaining how each structure supports the survival, growth, and/or reproduction of the plant.

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