How images contribute to and clarify text

How images contribute to and clarify text

I can read and understand passages with images and diagrams.

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How images contribute to and clarify text

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Students learn about the importance of images and diagrams in reading informational text and how they help the reader understand the text.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use images and diagrams to obtain information in addition to the text.


Ask students to practice visualizing a given passage. Reveal the covered images and ask which one better matches the text. How is the image different than what you visualize? Discuss the importance of visual images to a text. Authors choose images for specific reasons and they can change based on if the text is written to inform, entertain, or persuade. Teach students three useful words often used in relation to images in texts: Captions, labels and bold print. Ask students if they can come up with examples of where they have seen any of these before.


Participate in a picture walk with the class, answering the different questions about the playground image presented on the board. Then, as a class look at the picture and read the text to answer the questions. Turn and tell a classmate two things you learned about raccoons. Next, a diagram of a volcano is shown. Have students ask themselves questions, and then read the text that accompanies the diagram. Finish by answering questions about the text and diagram. As a class, read the text and diagram on the interactive whiteboard. Have students take a closer look at the diagram by dragging shapes to different parts of the diagram. Ask students to choose where they find information- is it in the text or in the diagram?


Students are given a set of ten questions. These questions check understanding of key concepts given in the lesson and also ask students to answer informative questions based on images given or must determine which information is present or not.


Talk about the fact that images and diagrams are specifically chosen to increase the amount of information shared by a text. Close the lesson by asking students to become authors and illustrators by drawing and labeling a room in their house, and then writing a short paragraph to describe it.

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