How a bill becomes a law

How a bill becomes a law

I can explain the process of how a bill becomes a law.

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How a bill becomes a law

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In this lesson, students learn how a bill passes through congress and eventually becomes a law. In the end, they will act out this process in their own classrooms with you, the teacher, acting as the president!

Learning Objective

Students will be able to examine how checks and balances work by tracing how a bill becomes a law.


Gauge students’ prior knowledge by asking why they think laws are necessary. How do they think laws are made? Who can make laws? Explain that laws begin as bills, which are legislative proposals. To become a law, a bill needs to pass through the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President. Explain that laws begin as ideas and that even citizens can come up with these ideas!


First, explain how a bill begins with an idea that passes through Congress and gains a sponsor. Ask students if they have an idea to fix a problem or address a need. Next, explain how a bill is introduced and then how it goes to a committee. After this, the bill is reported and debated. Explain how a bill is voted on and its process through the senate. Ask students if they think aby part of this process so far should be reformed? What changes might they recommend? Finally, discuss the role of the president and the different actions he can take. After this, students read the statements and use the pencil tool to write “true” or “false” on the lines. Then have students drag the steps into the right order to show how a bill becomes a law.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice and fill-in questions about the process of a bill becoming a law.


Discuss the importance of knowing how a bill becomes a law. Then students will split up into 2 groups: a house and a senate. Have them discuss and vote on proposed bills created by their classmates! If the bill passes through both groups, the teacher can act as the president and sign the bill into law or veto the bill. Encourage students to be creative and use what they have learned in the lesson.

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