I can correctly spell and use words that are homophones.

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Students will practice spelling words that are homophones. They will learn that homophones sound the same with different meanings and spellings. Exercises include spelling, matching, and listening activities.



Learning objective

Students will be able to correctly spell and use words that are homophones.


The lesson begins with students listening and looking at a set of words that are homophones. They are prompted to tell what they notice about the words. The lesson continues with the definition of a homophone, relating it to the Greek root for sound which is “phone.”


The lesson encourages students to keep a homophone collection by writing down at least 5 pairs of homophones they see throughout the lesson, which will be shared at the end. First, the students are asked to sort word pairs to determine whether they are homophones. The students are then introduced to the idea of memory tricks to remember homophones. For example, the word "ear" is in the homophone "hear." Students are also reminded to consult a dictionary when a homophone is unknown, such as stationary and stationery. The students then match a picture to a sentence that contains a homophone. This is followed by picking the correct homophone to complete a riddle. A listen and spell slide, as well as a crossword, create more practice opportunities. Students will also toss dice to find pairs of homophones. Finally, the “What did you learn? slide reviews the meaning of a homophone and allows them to share their homophone collections.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will pick a picture that denotes a homophone to spell. A challenge activity will be to use it in a sentence or draw it.

Instruction materials

Students will need paper and pencil or individual whiteboards to write homophones throughout the lesson. They will also be encouraged to draw homophones for the final activity

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