Halves of numbers up to 20

Halves of numbers up to 20

I can half the numbers up to 20.

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Halves of numbers up to 20

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Students will learn the halves of numbers up to 20. They will relate using halves to the doubles facts of addition, times 2 multiplication facts, and fractions equal to half.



Learning objective

Students will be able to halve the numbers up to 20.


Students begin by looking at a problem posed regarding sharing food with a friend. They learn that it is important to know that getting half means you share equally between two.


This lesson continues with a review of counting by two. Students are shown even numbers with the Gynzy number generator tool and then count by twos. They learn that even numbers can be divided in half equally by a whole number. Further practice has students using the Gynzy answer frames to decide if numbers are even. Moving on, students drag sets of objects into two groups for a visual of what is half. Next, the doubles facts are reviewed and practiced with the theGynzy flip tool as they learn that the addend is half of the sum. Students see another visual where they drag objects to create half of a whole group. Another drag and drop task has students matching the half to the whole. It is discussed that with multiplication times two facts, the factor that is not two is half of the sum. These facts are practiced with an erase to reveal slide and a matching slide. Finally, students see the halves in fraction form. They are reminded that with even denominators, the numerator can be written as the whole number that is half. They practice by dragging the correct numerator to the denominator that makes a fraction equivalent to half.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students compete using the Gynzy memory board to match the wholes to halves.

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