Halloween Activities

Halloween Activities

A collection of Halloween-themed activities

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Halloween Activities

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Get students in the Halloween mood by using any number of these Halloween-themed activities. Have them engage with a spooky scene, do a word search, write a story, play bingo or decorate a pumpkin!




This activity lesson starts with a table of contents that presents all the Halloween options available. You may choose to start at the beginning and do all the activities with your students or you can choose to take one element from this lesson to add to an existing Halloween plan.

Activities include:
Spooky Scene: a spooky scene with and without sound that can be used as an imagination springboard.
Word Search: Help the witch Ursula to find the Halloween-themed words in the word search.
Writing Task: Two Halloween-themed story prompts are given, with examples. Have students write their own stories.
Monster Bingo: Print the monster bingo cards (or print the monsters and create your own) and play Monster Bingo with the class! Who will need to do a monster dance?
Jack-o-Lantern: Drag the eyes and objects from the frame on the left onto the pumpkin to create your one-of-a-kind Jack-o-Lantern.
Favorite Candy: Students will discuss their favorite Halloween candy. Make a list of their choices and take a tally of how many students prefer that candy. You can also use the bar graph to display the results.
Costumes: Have your students describe their Halloween costumes (or dream costumes) using the five senses. List the adjectives on the board.
Pumpkin Game: Play a fun math Halloween-themed board game. More information for the counting game can be found by clicking the ‘Information’ button in the top right corner. Encourage students to predict how many pumpkins they will have and check if they were correct after adding or subtracting.

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