Habitats: Rainforest

Habitats: Rainforest

I know about the rainforest, its importance, and how to help it.

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Habitats: Rainforest

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Rainforests are one of the most critical habitats on the planet. Rainforests, which get their names because of the high amount of rain they get, are home to an unbelievable number of unique species of animals, plants, and insects. This lesson will explain the four levels of a rainforest and the unique types of life that are found in each layer.

This lesson also discusses why rainforests are so important to humanity. More than 30 million people live in the Amazon, for example. Plus, plants and trees play an important role in carbon dioxide, making it worrisome that an estimated 70,000 to 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest are lost every single day!


For many people, the importance of rainforests is hard to understand because they are far away and hard to visualize. But these landscapes help provide life to so many plants and animals, not to mention people too. This lesson emphasizes why it is so important that this natural resource be preserved.

Learning objective

Students will know about the biodiversity of the rainforest, why rainforests are important, and steps we can take to preserve them.


At the end of the lesson is a quick exercise designed to get students thinking about ways they can help the environment.

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