Goods and services

Goods and services

I can identify goods and services within the school and community.

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Goods and services

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Students learn how to identify what goods and services are, and which goods and services are present within their school and community.

Learning objective

Students will be able to differentiate between goods and services and be able to explain why they are important.


Ask students if they know what goods or services are. Discuss that goods are the things people buy that they need or want, whereas services are work done by others for a person, which can be paid for or given freely.


Expand on the definitions of goods and services and ask students to name what type of good or service each picture represents. Discuss that knowing the difference between goods and services helps them to understand the things happening around them in their community. Discuss that there are many different goods and services within their school and community! Show students the image on the interactive whiteboard and ask if they can name any goods in the image. Remove the covers to reveal some examples. Ask students to determine which images shown are goods and which are services by dragging a blue square or yellow star to the pictures. Students then write a G or S below the pictures and drag the words. Ask students to form groups and think of different goods and services that exist in the school or community.


Students are given a set of true or false questions to check their understanding of key concepts given in the lesson. They are then given multiple-choice questions in which they must determine which option is a good or which is a service.


Repeat the learning goal with the students. To close the lesson have the students create an imaginary business. They must come up with the name of their business, decide if they are selling goods or services (or both) and write why a customer would come to that business.

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