Generalize spelling patterns

Generalize spelling patterns

I can use different types of spelling patterns when writing words.

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Generalize spelling patterns

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In this lesson, students will review and learn about different spelling patterns, including blends, silent e, vowel teams, silent letters, r-controlled vowels, double consonants, digraphs, and diphthongs. They will do a series of activities that practice spelling these words. Activities include: dragging letters to finish words, circling silent letters, and more.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use different types of spelling patterns when writing words.


Students will look at pairs of words, one spelled correctly and one spelled incorrectly, and determine which word is spelled correctly. Review common spelling patterns, like silent e and vowel teams.


Students will drag the blend from the blend box (word bank) to the correct picture to finish the words. They will drag words to their matching pictures and circle the silent letters. They will also circle the correct r-controlled vowel for words. Students will add digraphs to complete words. Next, they will fill in the missing letters in words with diphthongs. For example, they will add oi to coin. Next, they will add silent e's to the end of some CVC short vowel words to make long vowel words. They will also determine whether words have single or double consonants in them.


Students will answer ten multiple-choice questions.


Review lesson concepts:
- What is a diphthong? Give an example.
- What is an example of a word that has silent letters?

Students will spin the wheel and write an example of a word that uses a digraph at the beginning or end. Lastly, they will play "I Spy" and search for the words with silent letters.

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