Gather information from provided sources to answer questions
Gather information from provided sources to answer questions

Gather information from provided sources to answer questions

I can use what I have learned to answer questions.

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In this lesson, students practice gathering information from sources such as written text, pictures, and videos. They will use what they have learned to answer the questions presented.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to gather the information they’ve learned from provided sources to answer questions about a topic.


Have students recall a book they enjoyed. What happened in the story? What is their favorite part? Explain that you can recall information to answer questions. Look at the questions on the board and ask what students already know about the topics.


Show students how they can use sources to answer questions. First, they should think about the questions and recall any information they might be able to recall. Then look at the source which can be a book, website, or video. Look out for any information that can help answer the questions. Next, read the cake recipe presented on the board. Have students drag the numbers to put the steps for baking a cake in the right order. After this, watch the video about birds. Discuss what was learned then respond to the question, “How do birds fly?” Finally, read the information about insects to answer the questions.


Students respond to 10 questions. They will read a passage about rainforests and use what they have learned to answer the questions.


Students read the question then fill in the graphic organizer. They will list what they already know about this topic, one fact they’ve learned and where they learned that fact. Feel free to change the question in this lesson!

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