Gather information from experiences to answer a question
Gather information from experiences to answer a question

Gather information from experiences to answer a question

I can recall information from experiences to answer a question.

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In this lesson, students learn how to use their experiences and prior knowledge to help them respond to prompts. They will be able to recall experiences and stories to share their acquired knowledge about certain topics with others. Students discuss, write, and draw pictures to demonstrate their understanding.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to recall information from experiences to answer questions.


Students think about a fun day in recent memory. What did they do? Where were they? Who did they spend time with? Have students think of 2 details about that day and draw a picture. Explain that we can learn information about lots of different things from our past experiences.


Ask students to recall the events of this morning. What did they eat? How did they commute to school? Students will write a sentence and draw a picture to represent their morning. Next, have students discuss the topics of getting sick and having respect using the information they recall from past experiences. Then ask about going to the beach. What information can students recall about this topic? After this, have students work together and talk about getting a cat as a pet. What can they share about this experience? Students may draw pictures, write, or discuss. Continue these exercises for various topics like camping, birthdays, and the library. Students will circle the items they might find in a library.


Students use their prior knowledge to respond to 10 multiple-choice questions.


Students list 3 traditions they observe in the fall in the graphic organizer.

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