Function of subordinating conjunctions

Function of subordinating conjunctions

I can use subordinating conjunctions in sentences.

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Function of subordinating conjunctions

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In this lesson, students will learn how to use subordinating conjunctions in their speech and writing. They will use the mnemonic, "A WHITE BUS," to help them remember common subordinating conjunctions. They will practice using subordinating conjunctions in sentences.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use subordinating conjunctions in sentences.


Students will look at an image of washing the dishes and a mom that looks angry. They will complete the sentence, "If you don't wash the dishes, ..." They will then discuss how the word "if" in that sentence is subordinating conjunction and connects the idea, "not washing the dishes," to the end of the sentence, "mom will yell at you." Subordinating conjunctions help to connect an independent and dependent clause in a sentence.


Subordinating conjunctions are used in complex sentences. Students will review the two parts of complex sentences: independent and dependent clause. They will also discuss the function of subordinating conjunctions. They will be introduced to a mnemonic, "A WHITE BUS," that will help them remember commonly used subordinating conjunctions.

Next, they will read several sentences and circle or highlight the subordinating conjunctions. Students will also complete sentences by filling the blanks with subordinating conjunctions. They will rearrange parts of complex sentences to make them describe their matching pictures. They will then answer two questions, such as, "While a teacher is teaching their lesson, what should students be doing?" Their answers will be in the form of a complex sentence.


Review subordinating conjunctions with your students with 10 questions identifying and completing sentences with subordinating conjunctions.


Students will recall the function of subordinating conjunctions in sentences. They will spin the wheel to decide with which subordinating conjunction to write a complex sentence. This can be done as a class on the board or individually on students' own paper.

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