Function of nouns and verbs in sentences
Function of nouns and verbs in sentences

Function of nouns and verbs in sentences

I can use nouns and verbs in sentences.

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In this lesson, students will explore the function of nouns and verbs in sentences. They will use their knowledge of nouns and verbs to identify the words in sentences and to use in their own writing. They will complete many activities to practice.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use nouns and verbs in sentences.


Students will review nouns. They will discuss how nouns can be subjects, direct objects, or objects of a preposition. They will also review verbs and how they show action, an act of being, and can include helping words.


Students will read several sentences and circle all of the nouns. They will also read some more sentences and circle the verbs. They will determine if underlined words in sentences are nouns or verbs.


Review nouns and verbs with 10 questions.


Students will recall what they learned about nouns and verbs. They will then complete an activity identifying nouns and verbs in sentences. Lastly, they will work in pairs to write four sentences using nouns and verbs correctly.

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