Frequently occurring prepositions

Frequently occurring prepositions

I can find and use prepositions in a sentence.

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Frequently occurring prepositions

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Prepositions are very common in English. They help us to locate objects, allowing us to convey information more clearly. Understanding prepositions is important for reading comprehension.

This lesson includes lists and practice problems of the most common prepositions.



Learning objective

Students will be able to find and use prepositions in a sentence.


When students have finished this lesson, they will be able to recognize and use prepositions.


How do prepositions help us describe more details? Circle the prepositions in each sentence. Spin the wheel to choose a random preposition, and then write a sentence with it. Choose the correct preposition to complete the ten practice sentences.


Review prepositions with 10 multiple-choice questions.

Teaching tips

Invite a student up to complete the activity on slide 14, which includes fun pictures that can be placed according to directions which include prepositions.

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