Frequently occurring conjunctions

Frequently occurring conjunctions

I can use conjunctions to connect words, phrases, or sentences.

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Frequently occurring conjunctions

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In this lesson, students will learn about conjunctions and use them in speech and writing. They will learn how each conjunction (and, so, but, because, or) is used in the context of sentences and how conjunctions can help make writing or speaking sound better. They will complete several activities using conjunctions to complete sentences and writing their own sentences with conjunctions.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use conjunctions to connect words, phrases, or sentences.


Students will look at two sentences: "I like eating ice cream." and "It is so delicious." Then they will discuss in pairs how to combine the sentences. As a class, they will discuss how conjunctions, like "because," can be used to join sentences.


Conjunctions are connecting words that act as the glue between words, phrases, or sentences. Students will be introduced to common conjunctions, including "and," "but," and "or." They will read examples with pictures of joining sentences with conjunctions. They will then see how to use different conjunctions for different meanings. For example, they can use "so" to show a cause and effect relationship, and they can use "because" to explain the reason for something.

Students will read sentences and complete them with the conjunction that best fits each sentence. They will match beginning phrases with ending phrases that include conjunctions to complete sentences. Next, they will read a story about Mr. Jones being late to work and fill in the blanks with the appropriate conjunctions. They will also write a sentence with the conjunctions about the pictures they see.


Review conjunctions with 10 questions. Students will review the definition of conjunction, choose non-examples, identify conjunctions, and decide if sentences with conjunctions make sense.


Have students recall how and why conjunctions are used. They will look at a photograph of a girl raking leaves and write a sentence with a conjunction.

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