Four seasons

Four seasons

I can identify and describe all four seasons.

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Four seasons

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This lesson provides an overview of each of the four seasons. Students will discuss the summer, spring, fall, and winter and go over the characteristics of each. They will practice comparing the seasons and conclude with an engaging activity.



Learning objective

Students will be able to name the four seasons and describe how the season affects the weather.


Have students discuss their favorite outdoor activities. Then go over the months of the year by listing as many months as students can name. Introduce and name the four seasons. Look out the window and ask students what season they think it is. Have them hold up one finger for winter, two fingers for spring, three fingers for summer, and four fingers for autumn. Why did they choose that season?


First, go over the winter season. Ask students what winter is like where they live and discuss some of the characteristics of the season, including animal behavior, what to wear, and what activities you might do. Next, introduce spring and go over the season. Have students write about or draw a picture of what it looks like during the spring. After this, move on to the summer and ask students to share the summer activities they take part in. Finally, teach students about the fall season and have them fill out the T-chart to compare fall and winter.


Ask students to share their favorite season. Would they like to have one season for the entire year? Conclude with one of two activities. Students can choose to create a poster about their favorite season or find a book in the classroom library that takes place during a specific season and explain how you know which season it is.

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