Forests and grasslands

Forests and grasslands

I can describe the features of forests and grasslands.

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Forests and grasslands

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In this lesson, students learn about temperate forests, rainforests, and grasslands. They will also learn about the plants and animals that inhabit these places. Students participate in a number of interactive activities and discussions to check understanding.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe forests and grasslands and identify the animals that live in these habitats.


Begin with some prior knowledge and ask students to share what they know about habitats. What is a habitat? What are some habitats that they already know about? Review what a habitat is and present some examples like deserts and oceans. Then introduce forests and grasslands. Have students complete the word search for forest animals.


Teach students about the features of temperate forests and show some images. Remove the covers to show students some of the different plants and animals that inhabit temperate forests, then have students circle the correct animals. Next, go over rainforests. Explain that rainforests are found along or near the equator and show the world map. Share some interesting facts about rainforests and rainforest animals. Finally, discuss grasslands and the plants and animals that live in this habitat. Have students drag the animals into the correct boxes.


Check student understanding with ten true or false and multiple-choice questions. They will answer various questions about the different habitats discussed in the lesson.


To conclude, have students write one fact about forests and one fact about grasslands. They can come up to the board or write on a separate sheet of paper.

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