Features of a sentence: End punctuation

Features of a sentence: End punctuation

I can choose correct punctuation to complete sentences.

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Features of a sentence: End punctuation

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Punctuation helps us communicate more clearly when we are writing. Specifically, end punctuation helps readers know whether a question is being asked, or whether something is being said with urgency and excitement. Knowing when to use a period, exclamation point or question mark is important for developing writers. In this lesson, students practice using the correct type of punctuation for different kinds of sentences.

Learning Objective

Students will be able to complete sentences using appropriate punctuation.




Begin with an activity in which students can learn about their classmates. For example, explore students' favorite colors and who in the class has pets. You might write these down and point out the different punctuation marks.


Explain that punctuation, like an exclamation point, can tell readers more about the text. For example, it can tell if you are asking a question or feeling excited. Share some examples. Have students determine which sentence shown asks a question. Have them drag the question mark to these sentences. Do the same with a period and again with an exclamation point.


Students are given ten questions in which they are asked to determine when a writer should use a period, a question mark, or an exclamation point. Short sentences are given, and students are asked to select the right end punctuation.


Students read a passage and drag punctuation marks to end the sentences. Next, they will spin the wheel and write a sentence depending on where they land. Finally, have students write a note to a classmate. Be sure to use each type of punctuation at least once in your note.

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