Features of a sentence: Capitalization

Features of a sentence: Capitalization

I can capitalize important words in a sentence.

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Features of a sentence: Capitalization

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In this lesson, students learn several capitalization rules. These include capitalizing the word "I," capitalizing the names of people and place, and capitalizing the first word of a sentence. They will have plenty of opportunities to practice and interact with the board.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to recognize which words in a sentence need to be capitalized.


Review the parts of a sentence (naming part and telling part). Have students drag the telling part to the correct naming part to form a complete sentence. Then they will read sentences and determine if they are complete or incomplete. Finally, read several sentences and have students use the eraser tool to reveal the capital letters.


Explain that a sentence always begins with a capital letter. Have students drag the correct letters to begin each of the sentences shown. Next, explain that the word "I" should always be capitalized. Drag the uppercase Is to replace the lowercase Is in the passage. Then go over names. All names start with a capital letter. Drag the circle to all the letters in the sentences that should be capitalized. After this, explain that the names of places also start with capital letters.


Students respond to 10 questions. They must select which word requires a capital letter, and must select the words to be capitalized in a sentence.


Have students drag the words to the correct column, "Capitalize" or "Don't Capitalize." Finally, read the passage and have students check for correct capitalization.

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