Father's Day Activities

Father's Day Activities

Activities to celebrate Father's Day!

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Father's Day Activities

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Celebrate Father’s Day with a variety of fun games and activities. These include decorating a tie, completing a maze, playing hangman, and more!

Learning Objective

Students will be able to write about Father’s Day and reflect on what the holiday means to them.




The lesson begins with a table of contents that links to different activities. First, students think about their fathers, grandfathers, or other special people in their lives and recall some of their favorite things like their favorite book, sport, and movie. Then they will list 5 things they love about this person. Next, they will read a passage and fill in the blanks with words about their own fathers.

After this, use the pencil tool to complete the maze and help the kids get their presents to their dad for Father’s Day. Next, decorate the tie by dragging images or use the pencil tool to create your own design. Students can also design a medal for Father’s Day. Then have students create a list of adjectives and write them on the shapes on the board.

Finally, finish with a fun game of hangman which includes words like “appreciate,” “wisdom,” “laughter,” and “family.”

Instruction materials

The lesson includes printable worksheets for the first two activities in which students write about their fathers and fill in the blanks.

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