Facts and opinions

I can determine whether statements are opinions or facts

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Facts and opinions

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Being able to distinguish between fact and opinion is a valuable skill in today's world where students are bombarded with information. They will need to assess what is true to be well informed and to be able to identify an author's bias. This lesson helps students make that distinction by clearly defining facts and opinions. Students will also analyze facts to determine the point of view of an author.

Common core standards


Learning Objective

Students will be able to distinguish between fact and opinion.


The lesson begins with a review of "point of view," and discusses how an author's point of view can affect how they write about a particular topic.


Students will drag to sort statements into "facts" or "opinions." They will think about whether or not the statement can be proven or if it's a statement with which people could disagree. Next, they will read passages and highlight to identify the facts or opinions. Students will also learn that when writers take a stance on an issue, they usually pick facts that support their argument. A person with an opposing view might present a different set of facts. This will lead to a practice in which students analyze facts to determine an author's point of view on a subject.


There are a set of ten questions. Students must determine if a given statement is fact or opinion, must determine which evidence would support a given statement and review key concepts of the lesson.


Students end the lesson by writing a paragraph about video games. They should use facts to help develop their point of view on the matter.

Teaching tips

As you go through the lesson, you might ask students how they would go about verifying these facts. For example, would you check a website? What kind of website? What would be a reliable source?

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