Expand and rearrange simple and compound sentences

Expand and rearrange simple and compound sentences

I can expand and rearrange sentences.

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Expand and rearrange simple and compound sentences

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Students learn to expand and rearrange simple and compound sentences by asking and answering Who, what, where, when, and why?



Learning objective

Students will be able to expand sentences by asking questions like who, what, where, when, and why? They will also rearrange those sentences to add variety to their writing.


As a class, have students use words from the word bank to complete the sentence. Explain the concept of expanding sentences to the students, referring to the sentence you just created as a class. The first sentence "My Dad read a book to me on a night in my bed" isn't actually wrong, but by expanding the sentence to include the words "green, starry, and gigantic" we allow readers to visualize the story better. Rearranging our sentences means that our sentences vary and don't all look the same, which stops our writing from being repetitive.


The more details you add to a sentence, the easier a reader can imagine what you are describing. As a class, look at the picture given. Give an expanded sentence for one of the figures in the picture and then ask students to help create an expanded sentence for the second figure in the picture. On the next slide, rearrange the sentence you created. Repeat this with a second picture- creating an expanded sentence and then rearranging it. Then show students the picture on the interactive whiteboard- ask them to create their own expanded sentence on a separate piece of paper. Have students exchange papers with a classmate and then ask them to rearrange their partner's expanded sentence. Have a few students share their (partner's) sentences. Repeat this process.


Students are given a set of true/false questions to check their understanding of key concepts from the lesson. Students are then asked to identify if a sentence is expanded or not, and how to rearrange an expanded sentence.


Discuss that students can now expand and rearrange sentences and that this is important to not only make the reading more interesting for the readers but to help make sure your writing does not get repetitive. To close the lesson, ask students to draw lines to match words to the details they represent from a given image. Then use those details to create two different expanded sentences.

Teaching tips

You can choose to challenge students to find expanded and non-expanded sentences in a book in the classroom, or in their personal reading books.

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