Engaging narrative openings

Engaging narrative openings

I can write an engaging opening paragraph for a narrative piece.

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Engaging narrative openings

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In this lesson, students will learn a few different ways to write engaging opening paragraphs for their narratives. They will practice each technique by writing short openings with partners. At the end of the lesson, students will write a full narrative using one of the three techniques they learned in this lesson.



Learning objective

Students will be able to write an engaging opening paragraph for a narrative piece.


Students will discuss the elements of a narrative writing piece. Explain that an opening lead is the first paragraph of the narrative that is supposed to catch the reader's attention.


They will look at different types of openings and do Think Pair Writes for each type. A talking lead starts with dialogue. With partners, students will discuss how to begin a story about a boy who is nervous to fly on an airplane. Next, they will explore the vivid description lead. This type of lead describes the setting using sensory details to get readers into the world of your story. Students will discuss how the previous story could begin with a vivid description of the setting and write an example. Students will then explore the sound effect lead by using onomatopoeia to create a scene to hook their readers. They will list onomatopoeia words they could use in their writing. Using the same story, students will write an opening using a sound effect lead.


Students will answer 4 true/false questions and 6 multiple-choice questions.


Students will recall what they learned in this lesson:
- What is narrative writing?
- Why do authors craft opening leads?
- What are 3 techniques you can use to write your opening lead?

Lastly, students will use the spinner to decide how to open a narrative about a girl who wants to keep a puppy she found in the park.

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