End-of-year activities

End-of-year activities

A collection of fun activities to help your students reflect on the past year.

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End-of-year activities

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Finish the school year on a high note with this collection of fun end-of-year activities. Activities include an acrostic poem, a Summer bucket list, and a list of students’ top 10 tips for next year’s class!



Learning objective

Students will be able to reflect on their experiences during the past school year and set goals for the upcoming summer break.


The presentation begins with a table of contents that links to different activities.


The first activity is a summer acrostic poem. For a challenge, you can instruct students to use alliteration in each line, use only verbs, use only adjectives, or mix it up for each line. After this, students make a list of their top 10 tips for next year’s incoming students. They can consider what they’ve learned and what incoming students should know. Next, students will create a summer bucket list, thinking of what they would like to experience or accomplish during their time off.

Students will then take part in some energizers and complete some mad libs. Students can choose to drag the words available on the board or they can use the pencil tool to write their own creative answers! Check in with students by having them drag the emoji that best describes how they feel onto the board.


Students reflect on the past year by spinning the wheel and responding to the corresponding prompt. Finally, they will play a summer memory game.

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