Emergency workers

Emergency workers

I can describe the roles and needs of firefighters and police officers.

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Emergency workers

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During an emergency, it’s important for students to understand who helps to keep them safe! This lesson will teach students about the roles of both firefighters and police officers. They learn about the tools these emergency workers need to do their jobs and why they are important in the community.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain the roles and importance of emergency workers like police officers and firefighters.


Students begin by reviewing emergencies and circling images that depict an emergency situation.


Students learn about police officers and their role in the community. They also learn about their uniforms and different items needed for the job. Next, students read a poem about police officers and learn about different jobs they have like solving crimes, directing traffic, and keeping everyone safe. After this, students learn about firefighters and their uniform/tools. They read another poem and rearrange a puzzle to create a fire truck.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students reflect on why police officers and firefighters are so important. As a final activity, they write a letter to a police officer or firefighter. They can ask them a question or use this as an opportunity to thank them!

Teaching tips

Direct students to specific details in the images, like the ladder and sirens on the fire trucks, and explain the functions of these tools. Ask students to make their own observations. For example, they may notice that the truck is red and that firefighters wear boots and gloves.

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