Emergency medical service workers

Emergency medical service workers

I can describe the role and responsibility of emergency medical service workers

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Emergency medical service workers

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Students learn about the important role of emergency medical service workers. The lesson includes several activities like a video about paramedics and an interactive maze. Students will also learn about the vehicles they use to transport patients and the different tools they use to help keep us safe and healthy every day!

Learning objective

Students will be able to describe the role of emergency medical service workers and explain their importance in the community.


Show students a set of pictures on the interactive whiteboard. Ask students to turn and talk to discuss how all of the workers shown are alike. Discuss that all of the workers shown help people in the community in different ways. They are all first responders or people who appear on the scene first to help out in difficult situations. Tell students that the focus today will be on emergency medical service workers. It is important to know the role and responsibilities of an emergency medical service worker because they play a special role in helping to keep us safe and healthy!


Emergency medical services is a field that covers many workers⏤ the first responders, who solve problems at places of emergencies, and other workers like paramedics or emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Next, explain that in an emergency situation, like when 911 has been called, emergency service workers show up to help treat the patient. They do basic treatment and help the patient get to the hospital. Give students information about the transport to the hospital as well as the communication with doctors at the hospital. Show students the video about the day in the life of a paramedic and ask students if any of them would like to be an emergency medical services worker when they grow up. Ask students to circle the tools that they think an emergency medical services worker might use on the job. Next, ask students to drag the image to where it belongs in the timeline of help provided by an EMS worker. Read the story aloud with your students and ask them to fill in the blanks using words from the word bank. Have students complete the maze⏤ if they make the right decisions at each turn they will safely end up with their patients at the hospital!


Start by giving students a set of true or false questions to check their understanding of the key concepts given in the lesson. They then are given a set of multiple-choice questions in which they must select the correct action in a given situation or further describe the work of emergency medical service workers.


Refresh the learning goal with the students and check to see that they are able to describe the role and responsibilities of an emergency medical service worker. Close the lesson by asking students to create a mind map of all the knowledge they have of emergency medical service workers, including pictures and words.

Teaching tips

Many classrooms have students who either have families who work as emergency medical service workers/first responders or have had contact with emergency medical service workers. You can ask them to share their experiences with the class.

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