Effects of rhymes and repetitions in poetry

Effects of rhymes and repetitions in poetry

I can analyze a poem to determine the effects of its rhyme and repetition.

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Effects of rhymes and repetitions in poetry

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In this lesson, students read poetry by William Yeats and Alfred Lord Tennyson to analyze the effects of rhyme and repetition. They will compare the two poems and discuss how rhyme and repetition contribute to the tone of the poem.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to analyze the use of rhyme and repetition in poetry.


At the start of the lesson, students review the different types of rhyme including, end rhyme, internal rhyme, and slant rhyme. They will also be introduced to the different effects of rhyme and repetition like adding emphasis, creating rhythm, and affecting speed.


Students read “The Four Ages of Man” by William Yeats and analyze the effects of the repetition of the word, “struggled” and the rhyme scheme. Next, students read “The Oak” by Alfred Lord Tennyson and identify all repeated words in the poem. They will discuss the meaning and mood of the poem, and how the repetition contributes to this mood. With a partner, students will compare and contrast the two poems, both dealing with similar themes, but conveying different tones. Finally, they will write their own poems utilizing rhyme and repetition.


Check student understanding with ten questions. Students will also read “A Bouquet” by Edward Smyth Jones to analyze for a number of questions.


Students will recall lesson concepts:
- Why is it important to pay attention to rhyme and repetition in poems?
- What effects can rhyme and repetition have in poetry?

Lastly, they will trade poems with a partner and discuss their partner’s use of rhyme and repetition.

Teaching tips

Give students the opportunity to read the poems to themselves before reading together as a class. Students may need to read a poem several times to fully grasp the meaning.

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