Editing and revising

Editing and revising

I can edit and revise a piece of writing.

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Editing and revising

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In this lesson, students will learn how to revise and edit their writing. They'll learn why writing needs to be revised and edited, and how to use common proofreading marks to edit. They will edit several sentences and passages, as well as revise a few passages.



Learning objective

Students will be able to edit and revise a piece of writing.


Students will read a short passage with capitalization and grammar errors, and discuss what they notice. The next slide will show a possible way to edit and revise the passage. Explain the concepts of editing and revising, aided by examples from the lesson. Discuss why it is important to edit and revise writing.


Students will be introduced to some common proofreading marks to indicate where to capitalize a letter, make a letter lowercase, and show that a word is spelled incorrectly, insert a word, remove a word, and reverse two words.

They will edit five sentences using the proofreading marks. Next, they will edit a passage about Katie and Steve going to the grocery store. Students will look at some questions they can ask themselves while revising their writing, such as, "Are my ideas clear?" They will revise two more passages, about a dog and hockey, respectively.

They will play a spin the wheel game to practice editing and revising sentences.


Students will respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will recall:
- What is the difference between editing and revising?
- Why is this important?

Students will write a paragraph (with at least five sentences) that needs both editing and revising. They will switch papers with a partner and correct each other's mistakes.

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