Drawing a scaled picture graph

Drawing a scaled picture graph

I can draw a scaled picture graph.

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Drawing a scaled picture graph

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Students will learn to collect data and draw a scaled picture graph. They will learn the parts of the graph. They will read several picture graphs and answer the questions about them.



Learning objective

Students will be able to draw a scaled picture graph.


Students begin by viewing a disorganized work area. They brainstorm on how they can improve it. This leads to the concept that numbers (data) are more easily understood when they are organized on a graph.


To begin, students are taught what data is. They learn that you can design a survey to collect data. They review the use of tally marks to count votes and practice counting tallies. With the results of a mock survey on Recess Activities, students are encouraged to think about the best scale for the data. With the scale, they add the symbols to the graph. They also see the graph with a different scale that uses half a symbol and discuss why this is needed. Another practice allows the students to drag the parts of the graph to complete it. This is followed by the ten-question quiz.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will complete the steps to make their own picture graph. They will make a short survey and collect data. They will draw a graph with a title, labels, symbols, and a scale.

Instruction materials

- paper
- pencils
- rulers (optional)
- markers or crayons

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