Drawing a picture graph

Drawing a picture graph

I can draw a picture graph.

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Drawing a picture graph

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Students will learn to collect data and draw a picture graph. They will learn the parts of the graph. They will read several picture graphs and answer the questions about them.



Learning objective

Students will be able to draw a picture graph.


Students begin thinking about a collection they could count and show the data on a picture graph. They practice with an example of shell collecting.


Students are introduced to the term data and ways you can collect it, such as by observation or with a survey question. Students are then shown the important parts that should be included on all picture graphs. This includes the title, labels, and key with symbols. Students are given an example of collecting data by observation related to counting animals at a zoo. The data is recorded on a table, then transferred to the picture graph. Students review using tally marks by watching a short video. Then they are given instruction on creating a survey and using tallies to count responses. Again, this information is put on a picture graph. To complete this graph they have to move the title and labels to the correct spot as well as fill in the symbols to correspond with the data collected. They will also answer questions about this graph.


Students are given a picture graph partially filled in. They will toss dice to collect data to complete the graph.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.

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